Women’s DNA Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) investment vehicle of Women’s DNA Fund. The Foundation enables the extension of our mission to develop, nurture and advance successful female entrepreneurship to women operating at the grassroots.

As a CSR investment vehicle, Women’s DNA Foundation acts as a conduit to channel CSR funds from corporate organisations to the developmentof women-run businesses that are too small to to qualify for commercial investment, but are worth nurturing with training and grant funding.

Women’s DNA Foundation will target women and youth entrepreneurs in low-income communities in the value chains of agribusiness, healthcare, education, food processing, handicrafts and natural body-care products.


The vision of Women’s DNA Foundation is to make a positive socioeconomic impact by creating an ecosystem to develop, nurture and advance the extraordinary achievement of Ghanaian women and youth entrepreneurs at the grassroots.


Our mission is to economically empower Ghanaian women and youth entrepreneurs at the grassroots by engaging stakeholders and channelling CSR resources to support their business success.


Provision of business management skills and personal initiative training to women and youth micro-entrepreneurs;

Provision of grant funding;

Identification and support of grassroots projects in selected value chains;

Fundraising from sources including corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Develop a pipeline of potential beneficiaries in value-chains including education, healthcare, agribusiness, body-care products, food processing and handicrafts;

Engage stakeholders and develop collaborative relationships for the
provision of support to target beneficiaries;

Achieve a measurable impact through improvements in beneficiary
businesses and livelihoods


Women own about half the businesses in Africa and are a vital source of economic growth, but most are in the informal economy and have yet to reach their potential.

Challenges faced by women’s businesses include lower profits and fewer employees compared to male owned businesses. Reasons for this include:

Skills gaps between women and male entrepreneurs including differences in formal education levels, management skills and socio-emotional skills; and lower levels of business capital including inventory, equipment and property than their male counterparts.

However, women’s business income is a critical source of earnings for households. In Ghana women micro-entrepreneurs profits account for 33% of household expenditure. Female entrepreneurs are also a catalyst for bringing more women into the workforce as they are much more likely than men to employ women. Women micro-entrepreneurs need help to address these gaps to make them more successful.


A Holistic Approach: Sourcing, Training & Finance.

Women’s DNA Foundation identifies women and youth entrepreneurs from low-income communities to benefit from business skills and personal initiative training to improve their business management and socio-emotional skills, creating a self-starting mindset.

Personal initiative training has been shown to have a positive impact on business success and Women’s DNA is an accredited training provider, through its founder. Following training, participants will be encouraged to apply for repayable soft-loans that may be awarded to qualifying groups and individuals.


A Win-Win for Corporates, Funders, Beneficiaries and Ghana.

Women’s DNA Foundation will facilitate meaningful CSR investments for corporations desiring to give back to socio-economic development in Ghana.

CSR funds and other grants will be channeled by Women’s DNA Foundation into a pipeline of women and youth operated micro-enterprises, businesses and projects at the grassroots in under-privileged and rural communities.

Targeted beneficiaries will achieve success, economic empowerment and the ability to make a difference in their communities. A major transformative impact will be job creation for the youth.

Women’s DNA Foundation will have a Ghana-wide footprint and impact including in rural areas. We are impact driven, transparent and accountable to our funders and sponsors and will report to them on the impact of their CSR spend.

They in turn will benefit from being able to report their CSR achievements attained through the intermediary of Women’s DNA Foundation.


-quality education

-gender equality

-decent work and economic growth

-no poverty

-zero hunger

-good health and well-being

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